Our Programs



18 months to 30 months

The Toddler class is often a child's first experience in preschool. At Uno Dos Tres Preschool, our objective is to help children transition easily, while creating a sense of security in a nurturing and inviting environment. Emphasis is placed on social interaction and age appropriate activities. Our thematic Spanish language curriculum includes instruction of letters, shapes, colors, and numbers. We take into account the developmental needs of each child, providing a mixture of group and individual activities to create an inviting and exciting immersion experience. Our goal is to make each day at Uno Dos Tres Preschool a fun, positive and enriching experience for every child. Children do not need to have a background in the Spanish language to benefit from their experiences at Uno Dos Tres Preschool.


30 months to 4 years

The Preschool program at Uno Dos Tres Preschool is a unique program taught fully in Spanish and consisting of art, music, math, science and social studies. Each subject offers a hands-on immersion environment that enhances the learning experience. We balance play, exploration and participation to maximize the child's interest and learning, and to increase retention. We encourage children to be curious and interact with the environment around them, to interpret their experiences, and to share those experiences with their classmates...in Spanish, of course! Uno Dos Tres Preschool provides a diverse experience where children will learn about the world and its cultures, while learning the social, academic and language skills that will be the foundation for future learning in elementary school and beyond. Children do not need to begin in the Toddler class or have a background in the Spanish language to excel at Uno Dos Tres Preschool.


4 years to 5 years

Our Pre-K class is designed to give students the tools needed to enter Kindergarten ready to go. Our curriculum is designed around the Ann Arbor Public Schools kindergarten readiness checklist and the Michigan State Preschool Objectives, offering a well rounded experience based on student exploration of the sciences, math, social and emotional growth, and literacy preparation. In this class the natural inquisition of each student is fostered and directed towards specific learning outcomes, with lots of room and time for the social growth and learning that is so important for this age - meaning we do all the great stuff like get out into the woods, go sledding, take walks, and make time for the kiddos to engage in dramatic play! The curriculum in this class is also done in a dual language setting, meaning things like the English and Spanish pronunciation of letter sounds are reinforced to make sure the student is kindergarten ready for whatever setting comes next. Children do not need any Spanish language background to thrive in this class! 

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